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Digital Scenography in Opera in the Twenty-First Century is the first definitive study of the use of digital scenography in Western opera production. The book begins by exploring digital scenography’s dramaturgical possibilities and establishes a critical framework for identifying and comparing the use of digital scenography across different digitally enhanced opera productions. The book then investigates the impacts and potential disruptions of digital scenography on opera’s longstanding production conventions, both on and off the stage. Drawing on interviews with major industry practitioners, including Paul Barritt, Mark Grimmer, Donald Holder, Elaine J. McCarthy, Luke Halls, Wendall K. Harrington, Finn Ross, S. Katy Tucker, and Victoria ‘Vita’ Tzykun, author Caitlin Vincent identifies key correlations between the use of digital scenography in practice and subsequent impacts on creative hierarchies, production design processes, and organisational management. The book features detailed case studies of digitally enhanced productions premiered by Dutch National Opera, Komische Oper Berlin, Opéra de Lyon, The Royal Opera, Covent Garden, San Francisco Opera, Santa Fe Opera, Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, The Metropolitan Opera, Victorian Opera, and Washington National Opera.

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Vincent, Jordan Beth, Caitlin Vincent, Kim Vincs, and John McCormick. 2016. “Navigating control and illusion: Interactivity versus ‘faux-interactivity’ in trans-media dance performance.” International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 12, no. 1: 44-60.

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VINCENT, CAITLIN. 2024 (forthcoming). “Remixes and radical revivals: Baroque opera production and the opera wars.” Early Music in the 21st Century, edited by Mimi Mitchell. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Vincent, Caitlin. 2023. "Voices for Change in the Classical Music Profession: New Ideas for Tackling Inequalities and Exclusions." The Classical Music Profession: Inequalities and Exclusions, edited by Christina Scharff, Anna Bull, and Laudan Nooshin. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Vincent, Jordan, Caitlin Vincent, Scott deLahunta, John McCormick, and Kim Vincs. 2018. “Artwork spawning artwork: trans-disciplinary approaches to artistic spin-offs and evolution in the digital context.” Digital Echoes: Spaces for Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage, edited by Sarah Whatley, 283-299. London: Routledge.

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Vincent, Caitlin, Jordan Beth Vincent, and Amanda Coles. 2020. “Identifying Trends, Assessing Response: Gender Representation at the Royal Opera.” Gender and Sexuality at Work Conference 2020 [Proceedings].

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