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"The 2022 winners are Timothy Takach, composer and Caitlin Vincent, librettist. Computing Venus provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of astronomer Maria Mitchell, one of the earliest champions of women in STEM. The opera follows Mitchell’s efforts to cultivate the next generation of women astronomers, even as growing movements threatened to close the world of science to women forever."

- Joanie Brittingham, Classical Singer Magazine

"Tienda" obviously raised questions about immigration, questions that continue to be unresolved in present-day America,,,It movingly evoked all that can't be left behind when a person quits one country for the hope of a better future in another.

-Terry Blain, Minnesota Star Tribune

[A] fun, frothy satire about an aspiring opera singer who wants so very much to be an opera diva...Caitlin Vincent's witty lyrics had the audience laughing throughout.

-Steven Pisano, Feast of Music

Given the time limit (75 minutes), Vincent did wonders.

Arnold Saltzman, Washington Jewish Week

January 11, 2016 | "Throne Away"

When the libretto indulges in more inventive, character-driven material, the piece comes alive...

Alex Baker, Parterre Box

The story of the overthrow of the Hawaiian monarchy got an intriguing retelling...[with]...a tight, precise libretto by Caitlin Vincent...

Steven Mark, Honolulu Star-Advertiser

This fascinating and heart wrenching story of Better Gods is a production worth seeing.

Kendall Mostafavi, DC Metro Theater Arts

[A]n outstanding marriage between music and words...The story about sea-battered immigrants being interviewed by a hard-nosed immigration officer at Ellis Island raised goose bumps for this reviewer.

Karren Lalonde Aalender, Scene4 Magazine

Uncle Alex happened to be the final opera performed...I have to say it seemed to me a case of saving the best for last.

Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

[T]he stakes in this opera are immediate and riveting...Ms. Vincent's libretto was a luminous standout...

Susan Dormady Eisenberg, The Huffington Post

A nuanced and honest character portrait...

Susan Galbraith, DC Theatre Scene

[An] intriguing and largely persuasive piece...reflective and unhurried...

Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

Bornfield and Vincent have created something truly special...

Megan Ihnen, The Sybaritic Singer

A humorous and inventive look at the original...a true example of making opera accessible and engaging.

Megan Ihnen, The Sybaritic Singer

Caitlin Vincent prodigiously crafted an English dialogue that upholds the integrity of Mozart's operatic legacy...snappy, engaging, hysterical, and edifying.

Melissa Wimbish, Operagasm

“Vincent’s libretto – spread across seven scenes chronologically tracing Goldstein’s persistence and belief in social justice and equal rights, especially women’s rights – is enlightening in concept and impactful in effect.” - Paul Selar, ArtsHub

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